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Al Colen

Al Colen

Al Colen began the program as a Bricklayer and Mason. He was placed with Atlas Roll Off, Inc, construction firm to help refurbish the Holland Tunnel. He helped complete a job which was originally scheduled to take two years in only nine months. Today he still works at Atlas Roll Off, Inc, and is moving up within the company.

Arthur Golluch

Arthur Golluch was a plumber apprentice and hardly spoke English when he began the program. But with near perfect attendance, he not only learned to speak English, but also to read code books and do estimating. Today he is the foreman with his company.

Paul WizbickiPaul Wizbicki

“My name is Paul Wizbicki and I attended the Percy Electricians Apprenticeship Program. I had very little hands on and technical experience in the construction industry prior to the starting my apprenticeship. The apprenticeship was an invaluable stepping stone for my career as an electrician. The teachers and staff provided me with the knowledge I needed. They touched on everything from basic construction safety to the complicated formulas an electrician uses in everyday applications. The staff was professional in the way they handled my goals and the credits I needed to acquire my certificate of completion to become a qualified electrician, and I will be forever grateful. I will continue to recommend the Apprenticeship Program to others in the industry so that they may also experience this quality of education.”

Partner Companies

Maric Mechanical, Inc.

MARIC MECHANICAL, INC. is a long term sponsor of Apprenticeship Training and it was in danger of losing its designation with the Designated Local Education Agency. The NYC Board of Education was unable to provide or direct them to approved Related Instruction. Percy came to the rescue.

Neptune Mechanical, Inc.

NEPTUNE MECHANICAL, INC. a company that started small, but has now grown into a multi-complex operation that has completed and graduated several apprentices

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